Abundance of Wealth


Money…. what people seem to always want more of, instead of thinking about how much we have received and being thankful for that.  I do not have millions in my bank account, not even thousands unless you are looking at how much is owing on my line of credit, but thinking of how much I have received throughout my life is incredible.  From receiving gifts as a child, to the money I earned babysitting, delivering papers, working at McDonalds, and on and on… I am so fortunate that even though I have a mortgage, a well used line of credit and a car loan, I ALSO have all of those items!  I have a house that I love to go home to at the end of the day, a bed that I melt into and thank every single night before I fall asleep for being so darn comfy, I have a car that keeps me safe and comfortable at the same time, I have the luxury of travelling, buying groceries or household items without even thinking twice, and buying myself a large french vanilla supreme on the way to work every morning even though I know it’s not good for me.  I think money has a bad reputation because it is something so easy to complain about, instead of being thankful when you are giving your money away.  Those bills we pay everyday GIVE us something.  We have heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, water at the turn of a tap in multiple rooms of our house, lights in every room with many outlets to plug in anything we want to use, city workers that clear the streets for us in the winter and mow the parks for us in the summer, not to mention that our money is buying us airplane rides that are not only getting us to and from our destination quickly, comfortably and safely WHILE we are also creating lasting memories, really what are we complaining about?  Every time we pay out money we are getting something in return, even if it is just the comfort of a warm morning drink on a chilly day.  I am so grateful for the money that is coming into my life, for the opportunities I will not have to pass up on, the future trips I will take with my family, and the many blankets I will buy myself and others to create many incredible comforts, just because I feel like it.  I will make a point to stop and take a look around and make sure I thank a city worker, Tim Horton’s employee, and even just a neighbour out shoving their sidewalk, when I see them doing something that makes my life easier…. prettier…. happier!

Cozy Saturday



Today today as I sit here on this cold snowy day under my dryer fluffed warm blankets with my two amazing kids and two cuddly dogs while watching Polar Express – I can’t help but SMILE. I am so truly grateful for my family!!

A Normal Day at the Office


I have a job…. a Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm job… and it’s a job that I LOVE!  I feel extremely lucky because not many people often say that they LOVE their job, but I do.  There is nothing fancy or special about my job, it’s actually a job that a lot of people would find more than painful to do.  I sit at a desk, stare at a computer, answer phones and am here to help the people I work with.  I love it!!  Everything about it.  I love getting up in the morning and whisking my kids away to their daily adventures so I can come to work.  And I love leaving work to pick my kids up and hearing all about their day, its so much fun to hear what they did, and who they played with, and what they learned.  I also work with some pretty awesome people, in a laid back environment that I find myself laughing in everyday, and I love to see people around me succeed.  I get excited when someone makes a sale and I feel so proud to see a customer buying our product.  I love opening the mail and seeing cheques to deposit, I love when people ask me questions that I have the answers to, I just love it all!  There are many area’s I could improve on, more organization and less procrastination would be the biggest, but when I master those things I will be unstoppable… at my office job.  AND… I GET PAID TO DO IT!  How awesome is that?!?  I come to work smiling, leave smiling, and get money in my bank account every second Friday.  Life is pretty darn good!  I really wish everyone felt this way about opportunities they receive, I guess as long as I can teach my kids to appreciate what they have, then I am doing something right.



Today I am going to spend the day thanking my body.  This is something I often take for granted, or find myself complaining about, and why??  It is nothing less than AMAZING!  I was born and blessed healthy with ten wiggly fingers and ten wiggly toes.  On a daily basis I WAKE UP!  And usually I wake up feeling pretty good.  I am 100% self sufficient, I can see where I am going, I can hear my children’s giggles or great music that I sing along to AS I DRIVE!  I can feel how warm and soothing the hot water feels on my body in the shower, and don’t get me started on my brain!  It can process things in a way that I can’t even imagine.  My heart beats every single minute of every single day and just to keep me alive.  How in the world did I think that I had the right to complain about my amazing body?  I should be thanking it every time I get out of bed in the morning, with every bite of food that I can taste, every time my kids call me in the night and I have the pleasure of comforting them with a hug.  I should be filling my body with water and healthy food so it can be the healthy, active body that it WANTS to be!  Not complain because I gained 10 pounds and I don’t look good in my jeans anymore.  That is 100% my fault if I gained a few pounds!  My body does not want that, of course it doesn’t.  How did I not think about this earlier??  I am truly grateful that I am realizing this now, a little later in life than I should have discovered, but nonetheless, I am taking time TODAY to thank MY BODY!  And I hope that this is something that sticks with me and I appreciate every little moment of what I can do for myself, and how I can feel, and remember to respect the only body that I have.  THANK YOU to my amazing body, my senses, my organs, my bones, my muscles, and everything that works so hard 24 hours a day to keep me moving, healthy, relaxed, loved and happy!

Day One!


I have started this blog to document my results of Being Truly Grateful.  I will share my journey of taking time to appreciate and thank everyone and everything in my life on a daily basis, and see how much my life will change and improve as a result.  I am very excited to start this process.  Today I will just try to take a few moments and look for the beauty that surrounds me without notice everyday!